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Seasonal rentals are one of the most popular and sought after in Spain. More and more homeowners want to rent their homes for a specific period of time, as well as many tenants are looking for this type of rentals for work, studies or vacations.

A seasonal lease is when the housing is not habitual and permanent by the tenant. Renting is done to cover the need for housing for a specific period of time (examples: vacation season, work, teaching, ski season).

According to Article 3 of the Urban Leases Law (LAU), it is considered seasonal lodging:

“Leases of urban properties entered into on a seasonal basis for industrial, commercial, artisan, professional, recreational, welfare, cultural or educational activities, whoever the persons who enter into them may be”.

Contract for seasonal housing

It is essential that the contract clearly indicates the will of the lessor and the lessee to rent the dwelling for a season, explaining the reasons to justify the contract regime. Some examples:

  • Seasonal vacation rental.
  • Seasonal rentals for studios.
  • Seasonal rental for work purposes.
  • Seasonal rental for works in the tenant’s usual residence.

If the rental is for a worker who has a 15-month contract or to cover a one-month vacation posting, the seasonal lease may be made for these terms to cover the tenant’s need for housing during this time.

The deposit that can be requested for a seasonal accommodation is the equivalent of two months’ rent as indicated in Article 36 of the LAU:

“At the conclusion of the contract, a cash deposit in an amount equivalent to one month’s rent in the case of rental of dwellings and two months’ rent in the case of rental for use other than as a dwelling shall be required.”

Now that we know what a seasonal lease is, we come to the conclusion that it is important to write a good contract where everything is well indicated, as well as to have all the documentation related to the rental of your property under control. In Ghat Apartments we help you to rent your home on a temporary basis and thus increase your income while you are not in it and enjoy it at the time you want.

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