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Buying an apartment for tourist rental brings multiple advantages, such as the possibility of obtaining regular income during the high tourist season, which can be especially lucrative in areas with high demand. In addition, owners may use the property for personal use at times of low occupancy.

The tourist rental market has expanded in such a way that it can mark a before and after in Spain’s tourist offer.

The trend of tourists is changing, more and more people are looking to stay in a home than in a hotel during their vacations, as it is more economical and comfortable.

However, there are also important challenges to consider. The management of the tourist rental requires time, effort and attention to the guests; that is why in Ghat Apartments we take care of everything, from the Check In to the cleaning and disinfection of the apartment.

Learn about the advantages of tourist rentals:

Increased security in collections

By booking a rental through the Ghat Apartments website, guests have no fear when it comes to payment. Our platform performs the collections so that the money always reaches the owner. The rent is paid in advance, before the guest enters the apartment, so there is no risk of non-payment.

Flexibility to use your home

One of the main advantages of this type of rental is that you can enjoy your home for the dates you want, you just have to tell us the time you want to rent.

In traditional housing leases, there is usually a minimum stay of 6 months or more and until the lease ends you cannot use your home. Therefore, now, with the tourist rental you lose the commitment you have with the tenant to maintain the long-term rental and now you decide when and how to rent your home.

Increased profitability

According to several confirmed studies, the income is up to 300% more than if we opt for traditional renting. In this way, homeowners are earning over and above what they were once offered by letting a house to families or couples who were becoming independent.

Better housing care

Although it is often thought otherwise, experience tells us that the property is better maintained than in long-term rentals. Well, the care of your property is more controlled when it is a tourist rental, since the condition of the property is continuously monitored. Long-term rentals eventually require more costly repairs and repairs. In Ghat Apartments we have professionals in cleaning and disinfection that will be at your service at the moment of contracting our integral management.

Guest selection

The owner of a tourist rental property will be the one who chooses the guests who will stay in his home. This way, you will know at all times who is staying in your home. You will always be aware of what is going on and you will also be able to control the state in which your belongings have been left.

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