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Bonfires in Gràcia

The Foguerons de Sa Pobla in Gràcia will be burned again on Saturday January 27 in a dozen spaces in the neighborhood. Several activities have also been scheduled to bring us closer to the Mallorcan culture.

The last weekend of January Gràcia celebrates the tradition of the Foguerons de Sa Pobla, a Mallorcan festival that came to the Vila de Gràcia thanks to a father who wanted to pass it on to his children. The festival is a real spectacle where the foguerons, the xeremiers de flabioles, the zambombas, the glosadors and singers are the protagonists. In addition, every year it is a meeting point for Mallorcans, residents and neighbors of Gràcia.

For three decades now, on the last weekend of January, the streets and squares of the old Vila de Gràcia have been filled with bonfires that have become Gràcia’s unofficial winter festival.

Bonfires in Gràcia

In which streets and squares will there be bonfires?

The streets and squares that will light fires in the Foguerons a Gràcia 2024 are: Plaça del Gat Perez (Fraternitat de Baix), Fraternitat de Dalt, Puigmartí, Plaça del Nord, Llibertat, Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot, Verdi, Tordera, Berga, placeta Sant Miquel and Mozart.

Plazas del Diamante, de la Virreina and streets and squares of Gràcia 11 h – Assembly of the Foguerons:

Plaza del Diamante, Plaza de la Virreina, Plaza del Norte, Plaza del Gato Pérez (Fraternitat de Baix), Fraternitat de Dalt, Puigmartí, Llibertat, Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot, Verdi, Tordera, Berga, placeta de Sant Miquel and Mozart. Markets of Gràcia de l’Abaceria, de la Llibertat, de Lesseps and de l’Estrella 12 h: Folk in the markets, with the glosadors and xeremiers of Mallorca and Catalunya in the markets of Gràcia: Mercado de l’Abaceria, de l’Estrella, de Lesseps and Mercado de la Llibertat.

Traditional Majorcan puppets:

Es Jai de sa Barranqueta. Centro Cultural Violeta de Gràcia (5 €, free for children under three years old). 12 h (better with reservation).

Lunch of xeremiers or glosadors from the islands and Catalonia:

Centro Moral e Instructivo de Gràcia (previous reservation).

Plaza de la Vila de Gràcia 19 h:

Mostra castellera, in charge of the Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia.

  • 19.30 h: plantada in the square of the collas of popular culture. Beginning of the procession from Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia to Plaça de la Virreina.
  • 20 h: procession. Route: Plaça de la Vila, Penedès, Puigmartí, Torrijos and Plaça de la Virreina.
  • 21 h: ignition of the Foguerons and start of the verbena with the simbombas and the glosadores of sa Pobla.
  • 23 h: Mallorcan dances and songs by the groups Esclafit and Castanyetes and Es Jai de sa Barranqueta.

Plaza de la Virreina 21 h:

The collas de cultura arrive and the lighting of the Foguerons begins, where meat is made, songs are sung and traditional dances are danced.

Diamond Square. 21.15 h:

  • Ignition of the Foguerons and beginning of the festival with the glosa and songs of celebration with the simbomba of sa Pobla, glosadores and xeremiers of Mallorca. Tasting of Mallorcan products.
  • 23 h: Mallorcan dances and songs by the groups Sedaç and Sonadors Sonats.
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