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Rights of owners

Cancel reservation

One of the rights of the owners is that they may cancel a reservation made by any guest whenever they deem it necessary. In order to avoid misunderstandings and problems with the guest whose reservation has been cancelled, it is advisable to draw up a contract explaining the reasons for cancellation of reservations.

In addition, a deposit may also be required in case the guest cancels the reservation at the last minute or causes damage to the property.

Receive payment

Every vacation rental owner has the right to set a price and receive the agreed-upon payment for the rental of his or her property. This includes the right to charge fees and deposits as agreed in the contract.

The prices of a tourist rental must be set according to the sector, the competition, the demand and the quality of the services, but the amount will always be determined by the owner.

Rights of owners

Protecting your property

Owners have the right to take measures to protect their property from damage or misuse by guests. This may include establishing rules on the use of facilities, the number of people allowed, the minimum age of people allowed on the property, and prohibiting activities that may cause harm.

Inspect the property

In some cases, owners may have the right to inspect the property during the guests’ stay to ensure that it is maintained in proper condition. At Ghat Apartments we have a 24/7 phone number available to solve doubts, questions or incidents, so that both owners and tenants can rest assured. Likewise, a member of our team can go to the apartment if there is any incident or complaint from a neighbor.

Rights of owners

Receive accurate guest feedback

Owners have the right to receive accurate and complete information from guests at the time of booking, which may include names, number of people staying and any other relevant details.

Termination of contracts

To conclude, another of the rights of the owners is that they can terminate the contract already signed by the guest if they consider that the guest has breached some of the regulations set forth in the contract document and ask the guests to leave the property.

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