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Tourist rental owners have a number of legal obligations in Spain, which they must comply with to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests, as well as with local regulations and relevant laws. These obligations are reflected in the different vacation rental regulations of the Autonomous Communities of Spain. The most common are:

Vacation rentals

Registering the property

All owners must register their vacation rentals in the Tourism Registry of their autonomous community. This process is carried out ex officio by the administration from the moment in which the responsible declaration is presented, which is necessary to obtain the tourist license.

The registration of your property by the administration may take a few days, but in general it will never take more than a month.

Maintenance and safety

Owners must maintain the property in a safe and functional condition. This includes repairing any structural, electrical, plumbing or other problems that may affect the safety or comfort of guests. Ghat Apartments ‘ comprehensive management includes this service, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Regulatory compliance

Owners must comply with all local regulations and laws related to vacation rentals. This may include obtaining specific licenses or permits for short-term or seasonal rentals.

To have the approval of the community of neighbors.

This is a controversial issue, and its legality has been questioned on more than one occasion by the courts, but at the moment and in most of the Autonomous Communities, it is necessary that the community of neighbors allow vacation rentals in their statutes so that you can start a business of this type in your property and thus not have problems.

Complying with the Data Protection Law

The new European General Data Protection Regulation has made it necessary for anyone handling sensitive customer data to have real control over it and protect it from possible cyber attacks.

Vacation rental owners must respect the rights of guests or users who provide personal data, which are to know the use that will be made of such information, to know how long it will be kept and to be able to rectify, limit or delete it.

To have the energy efficiency certificate

The energy efficiency certificate is a document certified by a qualified technician, which details the degree of energy efficiency of a building, and that, from June 2, 2021, all vacation rental properties must display the energy certificate in their advertisements and include it in the contracts.

Attention to problems and complaints

Owners should be available to address any problems or complaints that guests may have during their stay and take steps to resolve them quickly and efficiently. At Ghat Apartments we have a telephone number available 24/7 for any incident, doubt, complaint or problem that tenants and owners may have.

Clear pricing and terms

The prices of a tourist rental must be set according to the sector, the competition, the demand and the quality of the services, but the amount will always be determined by the owner. The cancellation terms and any other relevant policies regarding the rental must also be clear. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Payment of taxes

Depending on the jurisdiction, owners may have to pay taxes on vacation rentals. It is important to comply with the corresponding tax obligations.

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