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Barcelona is a city with many different places to visit, things to do and see. No matter what you want to do on your vacation, it’s always fun to come back home with new things or new clothes.

Central Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot to offer for shopping. There are several famous stores like Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Primark and many more all over the city. In Placa de Catalunya there is also a large Corte Ingles with several wings. Here you can find a wide range of make-up, skin care products and clothes. On the top floor they also have a cafeteria with a great view of Placa Catalunya. In addition to these large stores, there are many smaller shops along the streets, for example in the Gothic Quarter. There you can find jewelry, shoes, souvenirs, second-hand clothes, etc.


Near the Gothic Quarter, you will find La Boqueria which is a large market where you can take a break and eat something delicious. After visiting La Boqueria, you can continue along the famous street, La Rambla. Here you will find several stores, restaurants and cafes, but keep in mind that the prices here can be a little more expensive. 



If you also want to see one of Gaudio’s works, you can follow the street, Paseo de Gracia from Placa Catalunya to Casa Batlló, which is well worth a visit. Along the way there are also many stores and cafes that make the walk more pleasant.

Casa Batlló


La Roca Village

Just a 40 minutes drive from Barcelona there is a large shopping center called La Roca Village. With all in one place and more than 150 stores, cafes and restaurants, it is the perfect place to spend a whole day shopping for example if you need to buy gifts or Christmas presents. La Roca Village is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. 


In Barcelona there are many stores to choose from. One of my favorite stores in Barcelona is Parfois where they have clothes, bags and jewelry for good prices. Which will be your favorite store in Barcelona?


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