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Just 5 days from La Festa Major de Gracia 2019, we bring you a special where you will understand why the City of Barcelona is paralyzed for seven days around this legendary neighborhood that takes out all its creative and artistic gifts to show off to its visitors, memorandum of their customs, creating new habits and rescuing the hidden beauties of this cult neighborhood if you visit or stay in Barcelona!

The Festa Major de Gracia has offered since 1817 to all visitors, tourists and residents of the neighborhoods of Barcelona an unprecedented spectacle, where magic predominates the streets, with their ornaments characteristic of the moments, the flowers that adorn them, the great meals open-air among neighbors and visitors, free music, the famous shows of the castellers in the iconic squares of the district of Gracia, the lights of the artificial games of the Correfocs, open-air cinema days, conversations, social transformation scenarios among others, is the list of stories you will have to tell if you visit the city.


This year will be celebrated from August 15 to 21 and has a very important social inclusion initiative, in the famous and that is that the Reading of the Proclamation will be carried out by women athletes from the neighborhood who in turn have an intellectual disability, with this seeks to give voice and social representation in Catalan society and, in turn, that they feel part of the environments that the city has for themselves, this type of attitude will support other slogans that seek to institutionalize “Only yes it is yes”, supporting the previous one that was totally opposite: «NO it is NO» remembering one of the strongest points of the party: the non male chauvinist character.

Festa Major de Gràcia 360
Festa Major de Gràcia 360

To not miss anything, the party organization has developed an APP called FM Gràcia 360 thanks to previous versions of it, this year comes with its improved version that allows you to locate each event and six days of the Catalan party, sending you alarms, participate in the contest of which trim you prefer, and intends to launch a surprise function for the days of the Party (attentive to have a 360º experience with the parties), remember that the metro system will also be extended hours for all tourists and Residents of Barcelona, ​​solved this go ahead and take advantage of the stays near the Festa de Gracia and in Barcelona. We are waiting for you to enjoy an entire art event and to know its programming!

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