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As you can see, the city receives a large number of visits, tourists and experiences that they enjoy in Catalonia, and especially in the great city of Barcelona, ​​as regards the Specials of August in Barcelona ​​so you can have a look to the three activities that represent to a large extent part of the constrictions of the city:

DGTL 2017 Barcelona

DGTL 2017 Barcelona

DGTL Festival

In the Forum Park north of Barcelona, ​​the DGTL Festival is held from August 23 to 24, it is an electronic music festival, this year’s edition, easy access to the subway, by bus, by tram or by car, you will find tickets for an approximate cost of € 40 for a day or for two days from € 95, although if you have experiences in the backstage we have the option to enjoy € 105 for one day or The two days is € 205, the backstage premium experience for a price of € 205 and for the two days is € 280.

Going to this festival is a unique experience, with the presence of more than 20 artists, among them Marco Carola, Anetha, BARNT & ROMAN FLÜGEL, among others, so no
You can forget to buy the ticket that best suits your tastes and go to enjoy the magic of this beatiful stage.

Barcelona’s Major Festivals

Major festivals are very popular in Catalonia, they are the biggest street festivals in Catalonia, and it is a very strong point of August Specials in Barcelona, ​​the streets are transformed into flower fields with flags, music, variety of food and tastes Gastronomy, implicit and creative decoration and endless activities: that represents the joy of Catalan life.

Fiesta Mayor de Gracia 2018

Fiesta Mayor de Gracia 2018

There are main festas in all the neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​as an example in the neighborhood of Gracia, Poble Sec, of Sants, in the Gotic neighborhood, in July of the beginning of August, these parties are free and rediscover the Catalan culture.

During the Major Festivals, there are free concerts, choose your best combination for comfortable walking around the city, you become a large square of curious and participants, these events, as well as people who spend time between neighbors, enjoy the Catalan culture and above all be part of an event that although it will last all year if we want to see, in summer, give opportunity to many more activities, if you want more information about the holidays, read our specialized article and start to write on your calendar : The biggest parties in Barcelona are perfect when you live and rest also in the city!

Color Obstacle Rush


Color Obstacle Rush 2018

Color Obstacle Rush 2018

On August 21 in Barcelona, there is a fun and colorful race of 5 kilometers with more than 13 points. The particular thing and the fun that it is, in some places it is possible to see the colors of the colors that make the steps of this «marathon of color» more entertaining and complicated, as well as being the perfect occasion to enjoy among friends, to know the obstacles and throughout life The race lives music and a lot of colors. The event starts at the Llevant square at 09:00 hrs. To participate in the color obstacle course, you must pay € 48.50 and € 3 registration fee. It is possible to participate in the team, and you can see at least 4 people per team.

To fully enjoy these events, do not forget a good and happy stay in Barcelona, ​​with it only focuses on the great festivities that lie ahead.
We will wait for you!

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