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We prepare for the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona: the largest and most specialized exhibition in the world dedicated to the future and, above all, how to approach it in a successful and strategic way; The #MWC2019 will be made in the Fira Gran Via (see map here) where technology, creative industries & innovation have an appointment in the last week of February, there you can introduce yourself in the tendencies and knowledge of the current in the digital platforms, but you will deepen in everything that surrounds the category and how we should take advantage of it to stimulate and continue to be at the forefront of a future that is not as far as we thought.

What will you live at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona?

Thus, large companies from the technology industry come as CEO & directors of companies that are revolutionizing the industry specialized in eight fundamental topics, the exhibitors will seek to expose, teach and help us participate but above all understand where trade goes hand in hand with interaction digital, to obtain a successful path towards the process or development of our own industries, companies and digital interactions.

Some of the topics that we can find are: artificial intelligence, connectivity, industry 4.0 based on cybernetic practices, the impact on the consumer of modernity and constant updating of technologies towards interactive platforms, the relationship of browsers and the real experience, the digital ecosystem and data protection, among other issues that will be fundamental to create responsible and efficient spaces that strengthen our companies and really understand that we must evolve with what the business world demands and develops to keep us current.

So, don’t miss out on this celebration of technology and modernity, taking into account where to stay for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and enjoy the city that will house the future for a few days without hurry, check here for all the related information and let technology embrace your present for a future of success.

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